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Investment Opportunities

Agropod has business opportunities for all types of investors and all levels of implication. Whether you want to launch your own Legal Cannabis Production facility or simply get involved as a passive investor in an existing Agropod venture, we've got an opportunity tailored to your preferences.

Become a 
Corporate Partner

Agropod is recruiting corporate partners to join the Agropod Group. This exclusive business opportunity will allow new corporate partners to penetrate the legal cannabis industry while limiting the cost of entry barriers.

Become an Investor

Agropod provides "hands-off", technology driven, low-risk, high return investment opportunities in the legal cannabis industry to the active & passive investment community through an innovative partnership structure.

Become a Corporate Partner

Agropod is recruiting new corporate partners!
Seize the opportunity. Skip the headaches and start cultivating cannabis without having to worry about the many steps required to get there. We're there to handle them for you. Together, we will license and operate newly built state-of-the-art cannabis production facilities. With the expertise and support of our group, each new co-operation will specialize in the flowering process of the cannabis production with a license to produce from Health Canada.

Become an Investor

This unique opportunity allows investors to passively join the legal cannabis industry with an experienced team backed by proven processes and results. A mutually beneficial partnership, it offers a low-risk high-return investment while ensuring a reliable source of committed capital for continued expansion.