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Project Manager Assistant - Construction and Maintenance

Join a growing business in the emerging sector of cannabis cultivation!

We are looking for an Assistant to the Project Manager in Construction & Maintenance who will take care of implementing the projects.
Functions and Responsibilities
  • Assist the Project Manager in the physical and manual implementation of maintenance and construction projects;
  • Take care of physical tasks such as unloading trucks, transporting tools, materials or goods, filing tools, etc.;
  • Comply with standards, norms and procedures and ensure system compliance with established construction, safety and environmental standards;
  • Take care of irrigation-related tasks, including the installation of complex irrigation systems;
  • All other related tasks.
Desired skills and qualifications
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of experience in construction, more specifically in plumbing, irrigation and control;
  • Have good knowledge of the industry, commercial agriculture or horticulture (an asset);
  • Possess the physical skills and health necessary to perform the manual labor tasks required for the proper management of an indoor growing facility;
  • Have good manual dexterity and knowledge of tools;
  • Being able to read a construction plan (an asset).
Job Type
  • Full time, permanent
  • To be determined
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