For nearly 20 years, Agropod and its international partners have been researching, testing and developing the best equipment, procedures and substrates for medical cannabis cultivation. We also make our facilities and knowledge available to our clients, to help them with their research and development projects.
Commercial Activity
• Cannabis Flower Production


Cultivation & Technology

Our mission is to continue our research and develop new processes for marijuana for medical purposes, to the benefit of the patients who consume it. We want everyone to achieve the best results.
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Agropod is the outcome of 20 years of research thanks to a vast network of international partners. Our team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge over the years, conducting tests, creating procedures, analyzing best practices and acquiring leading-edge equipment to develop a line of products like the Pod, our controlled ecosystem that produces superior quality crops.


Your project,
our know-how

Do you have a research project in mind but lack the resources to take it on? Agropod is the ideal partner for your endeavours. Whether you are seeking to optimize an existing product or create a new one, our controlled environment, methodology and know-how are at your disposal.
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Project categories:
  • Development of strain-specific cultivation methods
  • Comparative testing of different varieties under the same conditions
  • Lighting system testing for manufacturers (LED, reflectors, optimal coverage)
  • Comparative testing of fertilizer lines (yield, cannabinoid levels, terpene levels)
  • Substrate testing (soil, soilless, hydroponic, aeroponic)
  • Extraction potential testing of different varieties
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