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Grow More,

Grow Better

For many years, Agropod and its international partners have been researching, testing and developing the best equipment, procedures and substrates for pharmaceutical marijuana cultivation. We also make our facilities and knowledge available to our clients, to help them with their research and development projects.


If you do not yet have a licence, we can help make the process effortless to obtain yours quickly.


Get all the help you need for successful cultivation & keep up with the latest technological advancements in the field.
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Become a
Licensed Producer

Agropod has already acquired many different
licenses from Health Canada for: Research & Development, Micro cultivation, Standard cultivation, Processing, Packaging & Sales.
Our team of licensing specialists will ensure that you successfully breakthrough the cannabis industry in Canada while saving time and money. 
Get the support you need every step of the way.

Grow Successfully

Our team is there to share all its product knowledge with you. Make the most of our leading expertise to produce high quality crops and maximize yield. What’s more, we provide ongoing support and training, so you can keep up with the latest technological advances and trends in the industry.
Agropod carefully selects genetics that are in high demand while having previously done thorough experiments and research with each strain to ensure a high-grade end-product. Our wide experience and profound knowledge on everything cannabis related ensures that the risks of production failure are close to none. The level of knowledge, experience and research applied to each process as well as the technology used in every step of cultivation are unmatched.
Our Trainings Include
  • Master Grower Training
  • Production Assistant Training
  • Standards of Operations & Quality Control
  • Strain-Specific Cultivation Methods
  • Site Construction & Equipment 
  • Environment Control
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